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Rabu, April 28, 2010

you are good people who most unique talent with the most interesting character

hearted it difficult to learn. trying to survive to receive either no treatment of people is also very difficult. Especially if it comes from the people you love most. How do you feel when it was destroyed. Can you imagine,,, what happens to your heart? That's what happened to me today. me that this stupid, still do not understand that this is a mistake. So, I decided to end it. although this is the umpteenth time I say something like this, hopefully this time I managed to get out of the shadows you.

I'm probably going to start burying desire to smile with you, bury keinginaan story to share with you like a brother and sister. Right now I have to learn to get used to not only Hope your presence even in dreams. Today I will continue to learn to accept the inconvenience you are sincere. Let you work with your life and let me work with my life. I can not forget you especially hate, so I decided to start learning to delete my little hopes to make you smile, erase the memories of the past, and save it as the most beautiful gift one day I can remember to just make me smile and laugh will be on the person I love most cold world, my love in people worldwide, and the weirdest person in the world. because until now only you who can not read my way of thinking, only you do not understand my way of thinking. So mysterious and that makes me love you deeply.

if one day we had a chance to meet again I hope that before I forget you, I hope no one bit disappointed that remains is for you, because to know is the greatest gift for me. Because to know not only made me learn to love with sincerity, but also taught me courage, sincerity, hard struggle dinginmu attitude. Even so, you are good people who most unique talent with the most interesting character. May God always dear brother,,,


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